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Aviation accident investigator job description

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WebDuties. The ideal candidate for this position will have knowledge of and experience in of civil general aviation flight operations, maintenance and inspection of general aviation . WebAviation Accident Investigation jobs Sort by: relevance - date jobs Co-Op, Data Science - Flight Safety (Summer ) Delta Atlanta, GA Estimated $K - $K .

Aviation accident investigator job description

In this role, you secure the scene to prevent further injury or accident, collect evidence from the site, interview witnesses and victims, review flight history. As an Aircraft Accident Investigator, you typically work in a government or military agency. You have thorough knowledge of airplanes and engineering along with.

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Career advice on becoming an air accidents investigator

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Positions included in this series have duties involving the investigation and prevention of accidents and incidents involving United States aircraft. Air accident investigators search for the causes of accidents and serious incidents, involving civilian aircraft.

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WebAn aviation accident investigator may also be called an air safety investigator. They investigate, study and report on airplane crashes to figure out how and why they . WebJan 26,  · As an Aviation Accident Investigator (Air Traffic Control), GS, you will perform the following major duties: At the GS level, typical duties may include: .

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